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Founding and History of TUGT/HERO

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Founding and History of TUGT/HERO

Post by Fonta » Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:13 pm

Tokia wrote:The founding of our guild was a slow process and it was originally called The United Guilds of Tyria [TUGT].

It all began in July 2005, when over some random grouping in Guild Wars, four friends were brought together; Elizabeth Darch, Vanir Taliesin, Shannia One Shot, and Hibiki Tokia. Over the next few months our existing guilds and friends worked together closely, but it wasn't until we did a run of a particular quest, The Villainy of Galrath, in early August that we had an interesting idea. Why not merge our guilds together? It took some time to work out the details of leadership and officers, but after a few weeks passed, everything came together. On September 5th, the guild was born.

Initially the guild was run by Elizabeth and Tokia. While at first we didn't plan to take in any other guilds, our position eventually changed and we began to merge other guilds into the fold. We grew from a collection of 20 members to over 90 in the course of half a year. It was then when Elizabeth decided she no longer wished to play Guild Wars and left. It was then that Tokia became the sole figurehead of TUGT. Over the course of seven years we have grown and shrunk, but we all consider this guild a family.

During an inactive period in the days before Guild Wars 2, we decided to change our name and reboot the guild. We became the Sanctuary of Legendary Heroes [HERO] and changed to a council system with several members leading the way.

We are a collection of friends and family who enjoy the social aspect of online gaming. We have our weird uncles, some crazy aunts, as well as a few nutcases, but we are a still a great team.
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